What Is the HubSpot Child Theme?

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        “HubSpot child theme” may seem like a strange phrase when you don’t know what it’s about, but we’ll clear it up for you today. You already know HubSpot themes are amazing, but finding the right one for your website can be challenging.

        After all, the Asset Marketplace is full of amazing options to consider! However, it’s not easy to find the perfect HubSpot theme that will suit all your needs. Fortunately, HubSpot offers features that make our lives easier.

        HubSpot child theme native support is one of those features and it essentially allows you to clone an existing theme so you can modify it however you see fit. With a HubSpot child theme, you can make as many changes as you’d like without affecting the original theme.

        Whether you’d like to tweak a few small details or use an existing theme as a base to create something completely unique, the HubSpot child theme feature allows you to do that without doing anything to the parent theme.

        In other words, the HubSpot child theme gives you free rein to play with the theme’s code without replacing any of the original files. Additionally, any updates made to the parent theme will be automatically and smoothly applied to your child theme. If you’d like to learn more about the HubSpot child theme, keep reading!

        What Is a HubSpot Child Theme?

        A HubSpot child theme is simply a copy of a parent theme that can be fully edited without altering the original theme. You can create child themes from default themes, custom themes, or themes from the HubSpot Asset Marketplace.

        It’s important to note that even though you can customize child theme settings without messing with the parent theme, you won’t be able to clone each template. If you want to do that, you must clone the theme.

        Creating a HubSpot child theme can be done in the Design Manager and even if the original theme is not editable, you will be able to make changes to the child theme. A HubSpot child theme essentially allows you to create a fully customized theme based on a pre-built theme and benefit from all the updates it receives in the future.

        The Benefits of the HubSpot Child Theme

        One of the main benefits of a HubSpot child theme is that it allows you to make as many modifications as you need to a parent theme without changing the original files. All the changes you make to the child theme will take precedence over the parent theme.

        If you didn’t have the option of using a HubSpot child theme, you would have to modify the original files every time you wanted to change something about the theme. This would overwrite the original state of the theme, so you’d have to choose between keeping your customizations or updating the theme.

        Because the HubSpot child theme allows you to modify things without risking your original files, it allows you to hone your theme development skills without much risk. If you start modifying a HubSpot child theme and you find that you don’t like the changes or something goes wrong, you can just go back to the parent them

        Frequently Asked Questions About the HubSpot Child Theme

        How can I create a HubSpot child theme?

        You can create a child theme by using the HubSpot CLI or the Design Tools, and you can create a child theme based on a custom theme, an Asset Marketplace theme, or a default theme.

        When should I use a HubSpot child theme?

        There are many ways you can leverage child themes. The main use is to make changes to a HubSpot theme.

        As explained earlier, a child theme allows you to make changes without having to clone the parent theme and you will still benefit from the updates the theme receives from the provider.

        You can also use the HubSpot child theme if you have multiple brands. In this case, it will allow you to use one theme to create a different child theme for each brand.

        What assets does the HubSpot child theme inherit?

        The HubSpot child theme will inherit all the files from the original theme unless they are overwritten. A file from the original theme can be overwritten if a file of the child theme is in the same relative path. That’s something you can do if you wish.

        How can I use a HubSpot child theme to create new pages?

        Whenever you want to create a new page on your HubSpot website, you can choose your child theme from the options available on “Your Theme.” That way, the new page will be created on your child theme.

        Can I create a child theme based on a child theme?

        No, a HubSpot child theme can only be created based on a parent theme. There’s currently no option on the platform to create a child theme based on another child theme.

        How many HubSpot child themes can I create?

        You can create up to 5 HubSpot child themes based on one parent theme. If you have the CMS Hub Enterprise, you will be able to create 10 child themes based on one parent theme.

        Can I edit templates in a child theme?

        Since the HubSpot child theme doesn’t create a copy of the templates in the parent theme, you won’t be able to edit templates in the child theme. To edit templates, you will have to clone the template to the child theme.

        Cloning a template will create a copy of it in the child theme folder, thus allowing you to make modifications. The same applies to modules! If you want to modify modules, you have to clone them. However, the templates or modules you close will overwrite the original files, meaning they won’t receive any future theme updates.


        The HubSpot child theme feature is a great way to make the most out of HubSpot themes. They’re very easy to create and allow you to fully customize a pre-built theme without messing with the original files. As a result, you will have a theme perfectly suited to your wants and needs!

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