How Cookaborough Re-platformed its Blog for a Bargain Price

        Learn how Cookaborough partnered with Lpd-Themes to help see its custom-made vision come to life for a minimal cost.


        In this success story, we share how Cookaborough solved its struggles with its existing Webflow blog website using the help of Lpd-Themes’ HubSpot expertise. After finding it difficult to draw in customers due to its outdated visuals and design issues, Cookaborough partnered with the Lpd-Themes team to give its site a major facelift and craft a partially custom-made blog. With an updated look and feel that maintains the company’s original branding guidelines, Cookaborough’s blog is now ready to succeed on the modern market.

        About Cookaborough

        Cookaborough is an end-to-end platform that assists local food businesses automate various operational tasks, including menu scheduling, food labelling, payments, marketing, promotion, and order management.

        Industry: Information Technology Services


        Company Size: Small-Market (11-25 employees)

        Location: Australia

        Use Case:

        • Webflow blog migration
        • Redesign


        • GrowFast Pro Theme


        • Lpd-Themes Free Migration

        Cookaborough’s Pain Points

        • Re-platforming a Webflow blog website presented only a minimal cost, whereas building a custom-made blog could cost up to $10,000.
        • Hubspot’s functionalities make it far easier for the Cookaborough team to manage and upload necessary aspects.
        • Cookaborough’s previous website offered no effective solution for their landing page.

        Developmental Challenges

        Cookaborough needed a new, redesigned blog website, but they didn’t want to lose their original branding in the process. As such, we knew we’d need to keep the similar look and “feel” from the existing website, and simply enhance it to be more visually appealing and functional.

        Our Solutions

        After consulting with Cookaborough to ensure our proposed solutions would satisfy their requirements, our team began tackling each issue. With the company’s specific considerations in mind, we began crafting an updated website Cookaborough could be proud to show off. Some of the solutions that we implemented along the way included:

        1) Building a New HubSpot Blog

        Cookaborough needed a better blog page that would intrigue visitors and invite them to learn more about the company. However, they couldn’t risk losing their original branding — something that was no problem for the Lpd-Themes. As such, we built them a new HubSpot blog with a look and feel that maintained its identity.

        2) Building Custom Landing Templates

        Cookaborough’s previous Webflow website didn’t have a great solution for its landing pages, making them less effective at capturing visitors in the long run. So, using our GrowFast theme, we built three custom landing templates for the company — all of which kept its original branding in consideration.

        3) Re-platforming the Website with GrowFast

        Our powerful GrowFast theme was the only solution we needed to re-platform Cookaborough’s Webflow blog onto HubSpot CMS. The simple process ensured the company could continue its marketing efforts without a hitch, all while enjoying an updated facelift.


        • For less than $1,500, our client received three partially custom-made landing pages and a new HubSpot blog built using our GrowFast theme.
        • Cookaborough was incredibly pleased with the experienced and expects to re-platform its current website to HubSpot CMS using Lpd-Themes’ service.
        • Migrating the company’s blog from Webflow to HubSpot CMS took less than two weeks and maintained all previous blog functions.

        Cookaborough blog


        Blog post


        “We purchased this theme to provide a customised better blog experience. It was everything we hoped for and more!! Paul was a great help in customising the theme. Now that we have it complete it is easy for our team to manage without needing to code or rely on developers. Highly recommend! ”
        Ellen Russell
        Marketing & Content Manager — Cookaborough

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