How SensorMedia Transformed its Website with GrowFast

        Learn how SensorMedia partnered with Lpd-Themes to rework its digital strategy using our innovative website migration technology.


        In this success story, we share how SensorMedia was able to convert a failing website into a new, improved site ready to welcome thousands of visitors. Using our comprehensive GrowFast solution and three custom modules, the retail consulting business migrated and built an incredible hub for its services at a fraction of the cost. Keep reading to learn the challenges SensorMedia faced and — more importantly — how Lpd-Themes helped the company overcome them with our HubSpot CMS solutions.

        About SensorMedia

        SensorMedia is a leading provider of digital business intelligence solutions crafted for top players in the Digital Retail Store Strategy industry.

        Industry: Software Development


        Company Size: Small-Market (11-25 employees)

        Location: Canada

        Use Case:

        • Website migration
        • Minor facelift


        • GrowFast Pro Theme


        • Lpd-Themes Free Migration

        SensorMedia’s Pain Points

        • Building a custom-made HubSpot CMS website could demand up to $10,000, whereas migrating an existing website would come at a minimal cost.
        • SensorMedia found it challenging to maintain & manage its previous website.
        • The company’s newsletter — operated via its previous website — had technical issues that interrupted its subscription and contact list features.


        Our GrowFast theme didn’t offer an effective alternative for two of SensorMedia’s website tabs, as well as the “Service” section. As such, we built three custom modules for the company — at no additional cost.


        After a thorough consultation with SensorMedia to review their requirements and ensure our proposed solutions were satisfactory, Lpd-Themes immediately got to work on building the company a website ready for the modern market. Some of the magic we worked included:

        1) Building Three Custom Modules

        After realizing our GrowFast theme didn’t have a great solution for a portion of SensorMedia’s website, we knew we’d need a different approach. So, at no additional cost, we created three custom modules: one for the “Service” section on the Home page, another for the How it Works Page, and the last for the Who It’s For page.

        2) Setting a Contact List for the Newsletter

        Since SensorMedia’s previous website had issues with its newsletter maintenance, we set up a new contact list that included all the company’s required filters. Doing so allows the company to organize their contacts based on common traits, significantly streamlining its communication efforts.

        3) Migrating the WordPress Website to HubSpot CMS

        Thanks to our innovative GrowFast theme, we were able to completely replace SensorMedia’s existing website with a new version on HubSpot CMS. By making this resource its new home, SensorMedia now has a wide range of management solutions at its disposal to help it succeed in the long run.


        • Client received a customized HubSpot CMS website built with our GrowFast theme — all for less than $1,500 (a great value!).
        • SensorMedia was extremely pleased with the results and improvements to its website management.
        • Migration from WordPress to HubSpot CMS took less than two weeks and maintained the website’s previous functions.





        “Working with Paul was an amazing experience. He totally understood what was the objective and the main pain points. Once we had the project defined, the completion was in no time! And with minimum revisions.”
        Luisa Díaz
        SensorMedia Inc — President

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