Seamless Website Migration: Johannes Ellenberg and Lpd-Themes

        Explore the collaboration between Johannes Ellenberg and Lpd-Themes to migrate an outdated website to HubSpot CMS.


        This case study details the partnership between Johannes Ellenberg and Lpd-Themes, who worked together to migrate Johannes' outdated WordPress site to HubSpot. The project involved maintaining the existing branding elements and aesthetics of the website while providing a budget-friendly solution. The successful collaboration led to an ongoing partnership between the businesses for future HubSpot projects.

        About Johannes Ellenberg

        Johannes Ellenberg, a Stuttgart-based entrepreneur, connects people, technology, and creativity. He runs the WE7 HubSpot agency, assisting mid-sized B2B companies with HubSpot CRM implementation.

        Industry: Business Consulting and Services


        Company Size: Small-Market (2-10 employees)

        Location: Stuttgart, Germany

        Use Case:

        • Website development
        • HubSpot CMS Training


        • GrowFast Pro Theme


        • Free GrowFast migration

        Johannes’s pain points

        • Johannes Ellenberg faced the challenge of migrating his outdated WordPress website to HubSpot while retaining its existing branding elements.
        • The goal was to recreate the website on HubSpot CMS, ensuring that its look and feel remained consistent with the original version.
        • Finding an alternative to building a custom HubSpot website posed a significant challenge for Johannes.


        Migrating Johannes Ellenberg's website to HubSpot CMS demanded thorough customization of the GrowFast Pro child theme to preserve the website's strong brand identity and aesthetics.


        Lpd-Themes provided a tailored solution, leveraging their expertise in HubSpot CMS and GrowFast Pro child theme customization to meet Johannes' requirements.

        1) Child Theme Customization:

        Utilizing a Child Theme for Personalization Lpd-Themes used a child theme to extensively customize the GrowFast Pro Theme, ensuring that Johannes' website maintained its unique identity while transitioning to the HubSpot CMS platform.

        2) Typography Update:

        Refreshing the Website's Look with Updated Typography To give the website a fresh look, Lpd-Themes updated its typography, enhancing its overall appearance without compromising the original design's integrity.

        3) HubSpot CMS Training:

        Empowering Clients with HubSpot CMS training Lpd-Themes provided Johannes with comprehensive HubSpot CMS training, teaching them how to customize and use the theme effectively. This collaborative effort paved the way for future HubSpot projects between the two parties.


        • A Successful Website Migration Lpd-Themes managed to replicate Johannes Ellenberg's website on HubSpot CMS while retaining its unique branding elements and aesthetics, resulting in a seamless transition.
        • A Cost-Effective Solution By leveraging their expertise in GrowFast Pro child theme customization, Lpd-Themes provided Johannes with a budget-friendly alternative to building a custom HubSpot website.
        • Ongoing Partnership The successful migration project led to an ongoing partnership between Johannes Ellenberg and Lpd-Themes, fostering future collaborations on HubSpot projects.





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