How Yokel Local Teamed with Lpd-Themes to Oversee its Client’s Website Development

        Learn how Yokel Local Inbound Marketing Agency and Lpd-Themes overcame various challenges to build an advanced HubSpot CMS website.


        In this success story, we share how this HubSpot partner agency worked alongside Lpd-Themes to supply one of its clients with successful website development. Already coming from a negative experience with HS CMS developers, Yokel Local’s client, Nevada Linen Supply, had a few concerns approaching the project. However, Lpd-Themes succeeded in solving their challenges. In less than two weeks, Nevada Linen Supply received a budget friendly HubSpot CMS website perfect for the modern market.

        About Yokel Local

        Yokel Local is a marketing agency focused on providing clients with growth strategies for profitable consumer acquisition.

        Nevada Linen Supply is a commercial laundry partner serving the Las Vegas, Pahrump, Mercury, and surrounding areas.

        Industry: Advertising Services


        Company Size: Small-Market (11-50 employees)

        Location: NV, United States

        Use Case:

        • Website development


        • GrowFast Pro Theme


        • Lpd-Themes Free Website Launch

        Yokel Local' Pains

        • Though it is a HubSpot partner agency, Yokel Local did not have the in-house resources necessary to build a HubSpot CMS website without external help.
        • Yokel Local’s client, Nevada Linen Supply, was concerned about the project, as it had already faced a negative experience with previous HS CMS developers.
        • Finally, Nevada Linen Supply had a limited budget and required a low-cost solution for HubSpot CMS development.


        Yokel Local Agency had created new branding guidelines, website content, and mock-ups/wireframes that would need to be incorporated into the new website — all of which were approved by Nevada Linen Supply. Using its advanced GrowFast theme, Lpd-Themes kept these requirements at the forefront of its strategy.


        Knowing both Yokel Local and its client would only expect the best, Lpd-Themes began implementing the agency’s requirements immediately. Utilizing the power of its GrowFast theme, Lpd-Themes had the freedom necessary to execute a variety of efficient solutions.

        1) Satisfying client guidelines

        Lpd-Themes ensured it incorporated the requirements from Yokel Agency’s client throughout the process, including its branding guidelines, desired website mockups/wireframes, and copywriting. This was to ensure Nevada Linen Supply could enjoy a seamless experience that allowed the company to maintain momentum.

        2) Reducing development costs

        Lpd-Themes developed a cost-effective strategy using GrowFast that granted the company a budget-friendly solution for website development. Compared to conventionally high costs associated with website building, this was a crucial component of the process.

        3) Initiating a long-term partnership

        Yokel Local discovered a new and long-term HubSpot CMS partner in Lpd-Themes, securing a business relationship that would benefit both companies. With Nevada Linen Supply serving as their first partnership, this successful experience would only be the first of many.


        • Nevada Linen Supply received an almost-entirely custom made HubSpot website build using the GrowFast theme — all for a total of less than $1,500. This cost-effective price granted the company a great deal of value for a bargain price, all while maintaining its original requirements.
        • Website development itself took less than two weeks, with the entire process spanning under 45 days.
        • Yokel Local and Lpd-Themes have agreed to become long-term partners.

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        “While I wasn't involved in the project build process, the feedback from Amanda along with the way about working with you was great. In the past with HS CMS/COS developers, we've experienced lots of back and forth, delays and results that were less than expected. It looks like this was done from start to finish in 45 days and from what I can tell it went smoothly. We will only build sites on the HubSpot CMS going forward so we would definitely like to collaborate with you and use your theme again on future projects for our marketing clients.”
        Darrell Evans
        Co-founder — Yokel Local, Inbound Marketing Agency

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