Leg Up Software's Success with Lpd-Themes

        Discover how Leg Up Software and Lpd-Themes collaborated to create a budget-friendly, custom HubSpot CMS website with powerful features.


        In this success story, we reveal how Leg Up Software, IT services and consulting firm, transformed its online presence by leveraging Lpd-Themes' GrowFast Pro Theme and expert HubSpot CMS guidance.

        About Leg Up Software

        Leg Up Software, a Melbourne-based software reseller, was founded to provide a cost-effective sales channel to the Australian and New Zealand market for speciality European software vendors. In doing so, Leg Up Software gives regional Enterprise SAP IT teams access to high-quality, market-leading IT automation software to help them serve their business customers better.

        Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

        Website: https://www.legupsoftware.com/

        Company Size: Small-Market (2-10 employees)

        Location: Melbourne, Australia

        Use Case:

        • Website development
        • HubSpot CMS Training


        • GrowFast Pro Theme


        • Free GrowFast migration

        Leg Up Software’s pain points

        • Leg Up Software struggled to understand and leverage the extensive features available within the HubSpot CMS platform.
        • The company's limited experience in building website pages made it difficult for them to create a functional and visually appealing website.
        • Leg Up Software needed a budget-friendly solution to develop a custom HubSpot CMS website that met their unique needs.


        Leg Up Software faced the challenge of developing a custom HubSpot CMS website without any prior experience using the platform or understanding its powerful features.


        Lpd-Themes offered Leg Up Software a comprehensive solution, leveraging their GrowFast Pro Theme, free migration service, and expert HubSpot CMS training to help the company achieve their goals.

        1) Adopting GrowFast Pro Theme:

        Lpd-Themes provided Leg Up Software with the powerful GrowFast Pro Theme, which enabled the company to build a functional, visually appealing, and customizable website on the HubSpot CMS platform.

        2) Free Migration Service:

        In addition to the GrowFast Pro Theme, Lpd-Themes also offered their free migration service to ensure a seamless transition to the new HubSpot CMS website without any disruption to Leg Up Software's online presence.

        3) HubSpot CMS Training:

        To maximize the benefits of the GrowFast Pro Theme and HubSpot CMS platform, Lpd-Themes provided Leg Up Software with comprehensive training on customizing and utilizing the theme, empowering the company to manage their website efficiently.


        • With Lpd-Themes' solution, Leg Up Software successfully completed their custom HubSpot CMS website project within a two-week timeframe, allowing them to focus on their core business operations.
        • Lpd-Themes' budget-friendly solution, comprising the GrowFast Pro Theme and free migration service, enabled Leg Up Software to achieve an almost-custom website without breaking the bank.
        • The HubSpot CMS training provided by Lpd-Themes not only enhanced Leg Up Software's understanding of the platform's powerful features but also empowered the company to manage and maintain their website effectively, ensuring long-term success.





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