How Intergage Group Partnered with Lpd-Themes to Transform a Client’s Website

        The company, hoping to elevate its solutions, turned to the website migration expert.


        In this success story, we share how this B2B marketing firm prevailed above the demands of the modern market using the help of Lpd-Themes. Knowing it would need to migrate one of its client’s websites (Hennik Research), the company turned to the GrowFast Pro version to expand its offerings and enjoy modern website-building features. Lpd-Themes ensured the switch was hassle-free, allowing the business to continue offerings its services without a hitch — but this time, with a greatly improved approach.

        About Intergage Group

        Intergage Group is a B2B marketing firm founded on three primary ideals: courageous honesty, mutual transparency, and insightful adaptability. The company boasts over 20 years of experience in the industry.

        Industry: Marketing


        Company Size: Small-Market (11-50 employees)

        Location: United Kingdom

        Use Case:

        • Website migration
        • Minor facelift


        • GrowFast Pro Theme


        • Lpd-Themes Free Migration

        Intergage Group' Pains

        • Intergage Group wanted to help Hennik Research develop an improved website, but it couldn’t migrate from GrowFast Free to GrowFast Pro without expert advice.
        • The company also specifically wanted to know how to best utilize advanced features within the Pro version, such as the Mega Menu feature.
        • Finally, the most important requirement was a seamless switch to GrowFast Pro.


        Developing a “seamless” migration isn’t an easy task. For a migration to occur without any hassle, Hennik Research’s existing webpages would need to be rebuilt. Since GrowFast’s Pro version includes extensive module settings, some of those from the previous website may not be accurately transferred — as such, rebuilding was a better solution.


        Posed with an intense challenge, Lpd-Themes immediately got to work outlining potential solutions that would minimize development time while still resulting in the best outcome possible. Working closely alongside the Intergage Group team, Lpd-Themes strategized extensively and conceptualized the following steps:

        1) Rebuilding the website

        Lpd-Themes decided to follow the “rebuilding” route, planning to reconstruct the company’s existing pages. Along the way, Lpd-Themes would also improve the spacing across some pages to improve user experience and set responsive options offered by GrowFast Pro. Along with optimized images, this resulted in a website that performs much better on mobile devices.

        2) Creating a Mega Menu

        Supplied with Intergage Group’s desired details, wireframe, and content, Lpd-Themes created a Mega Menu for the new site. Apart from aesthetic appeal, the feature greatly enhances user experience.

        3) Maintaining website data

        Recognizing Hennik Research’s concerns about accidentally losing data (such as page views, clicks, etc.), Lpd-Themes ensured nothing would be lost during migration.


        • Lpd-Themes was successful in rebuilding 15 website pages utilizing the GrowFast Pro version, all for a total of less than $1,500 — a bargain price for such an extensive project. Thanks to the solution, Hennik Research received improved spacing throughout some pages, optimized images, and responsive options for mobile devices.
        • The migration from GrowFast Free to GrowFast Pro took less than two weeks!
        • Nothing was lost during the migration, ensuring Hennik Research retained crucial data from the existing GrowFast Free site.





        “The growfast has been great and exactly what my company was looking for. It looks professional without needing to pay developers a fortune to create it and means it can be easily maintained by our team.”
        Alexis Beney
        Operations and Systems Manager — Hennik Research Limited

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