How Mission Drive Revamped R2 Factory’s Digital Strategy with the Help of Lpd-Themes

        Learn how Mission Drive and Lpd-Themes transformed the company’s complex digital needs into a future-forward website.


        In this success story, we share how Mission Drive partnered with Lpd-Themes for an expansive custom project that would place its client, R2 Factory, far ahead of the competition. R2 Factory desired an entirely new theme based on its Figma design, which required an extended delivery time. Despite highly specific challenges, both partners succeeded in building a robust final product that will stand the test of time.

        About R2 Factory

        Launched by Rolls-Royce in 2017, R2 Factory offers opportunities to organizations striving to overcome obstacles associated with the digital transformation of their business, including topics like AI ethics, product development analysis, and more.

        Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting


        Company Size: Mid-Market (51-200 employees)

        Location: London, UK

        Use Case:

        • Custom website development
        • CMS Training


        • Custom HubSpot CMS development

        R2 Factory’s pain points

        • The company’s chosen website design was highly complex, containing a specific grid system across all elements and modules.
        • R2’s previous website, which was hosted on Wix, experienced various issues regarding grid system elements on mobile and desktop devices (i.e., incorrect scaling for spacing, the appearance of double lines, and mis-aligned content).
        • The original website did not contain a blog section.


        The most significant obstacle was obvious: Lpd-Themes only had two months to completely rebuild R2 Factory’s website. This meant creating a blog from the ground up; recreating every single module using a new (and improved) grid system; and, finally, launching it all on HubSpot CMS once it was complete.


        After thoroughly reviewing the requirements proposed by Mission Drive’s client, Lpd-Themes instantly got to work on creating a timely and efficient gameplan. With our work cut out for us, Lpd-themes proposed several solutions that would ensure each wish was fulfilled without cutting any corners or sacrificing the quality of the final product. Here is what we decided on:

        1) Creating a custom HubSpot CMS website from scratch

        Using R2 Factory’s previous Figma website design as well as its original Wix website for reference, Lpd-Themes built a brand new HubSpot CMS website that maintained their best qualities while enhancing and fixing anything that wasn’t up to par.

        2) Crafting a custom grid framework

        Throughout each website module on R2 Factory’s website, you’ll find custom grid framework that Lpd-Themes built to ensure every page loads as fast as possible.

        3) Personalized Zoom training

        Finally, to ensure R2 Factory and Mission Drive can continue to enjoy their final product for the long run, Lpd-Themes provided training via Zoom on how to customize and maintain the website moving forward.


        • Mission Drive and their client, R2 Factory, received a finished product on-time without any delays throughout the development process.
        • Lpd-Themes and Mission Drive established a strong business relationship and look forward to potentially working on future projects together.
        • As a HubSpot marketing agency, Mission Drive was able to deliver an enhanced custom HubSpot website to R2 Factory without the need for an in-house HubSpot CMS development team.





        “Thank you for this Paul! I really appreciate it :) It looks amazing! I know there will be small bits but overall I just want to say a massive thank you to you!”
        Arevinth V. Sarma
        Story Teller — Rolls-Royce & R2 Factory

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