Revitalizing Concrete Marketing Crew's Web Presence

        Unveiling Concrete Marketing Crew's website transformation through Lpd-Themes' expertise and HubSpot CMS migration.


        This case study highlights the collaboration between Lpd-Themes, a leading HubSpot Website Design Agency, and Concrete Marketing Crew, a marketing firm specializing in the decorative concrete sector. Lpd-Themes used their extensive knowledge of HubSpot CMS development to migrate Concrete Marketing Crew's website from WordPress to HubSpot, redesigning the site and creating custom templates while providing training to ensure seamless adoption.

        About Concrete Marketing Crew

        Established in 2017, Concrete Marketing Crew assists decorative concrete contractors in expanding their online presence with tailored marketing strategies and a dedicated virtual team.

        Industry: Advertising Services


        Company Size: Small-Market (2-10 employees)

        Location: Miami, Florida

        Use Case:

        • Website migration
        • Custom development
        • HubSpot CMS training


        • GrowFast Pro Theme


        • Custom GrowFast migration
        • Custom HubSpot developement

        Concrete Marketing Crew’s pain points

        • Concrete Marketing Crew's dated WordPress website required a migration to the more robust HubSpot platform.
        • The company sought a fresh website design, a new look and feel, and a simplification of their existing layouts.
        • Concrete Marketing Crew lacked prior experience with HubSpot CMS, necessitating training and support.


        The core challenge involved creating custom templates for landing pages and "Schedule a Meeting" step pages while migrating and redesigning the website on HubSpot CMS.


        Lpd-Themes addressed the challenges by delivering comprehensive website redevelopment, custom template creation, and HubSpot CMS training.

        1) HubSpot CMS Migration & Redesign:

        Lpd-Themes successfully migrated Concrete Marketing Crew's website to HubSpot CMS, incorporating a fresh design while retaining brand identity and simplifying layouts for an improved user experience.

        2) Custom "Schedule a Meeting" Templates:

        Lpd-Themes crafted bespoke "Schedule a Meeting" step-landing page templates, streamlining the scheduling process and enhancing user experience.

        3) Comprehensive HubSpot CMS Training:

        Lpd-Themes provided hands-on training to Concrete Marketing Crew, empowering them to customize and manage the GrowFast theme and launch their website on HubSpot CMS effectively.


        • Timely HubSpot Migration & Custom Templates: Lpd-Themes accomplished the website migration to HubSpot CMS and created custom step-landing templates within a two-week timeframe.
        • Refreshed, Engaging Web Design: The new web design met Concrete Marketing Crew's specifications, resulting in a visually appealing and user-friendly online presence.
        • Skilled Team with HubSpot Knowledge: Concrete Marketing Crew acquired the necessary skills to manage and launch their website on HubSpot CMS using the GrowFast theme through Lpd-Themes' expert training.





        “Thank you for this Paul! I really appreciate it :) It looks amazing! I know there will be small bits but overall I just want to say a massive thank you to you!”
        Arevinth V. Sarma
        Story Teller — Rolls-Royce & R2 Factory

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