How Parkando and Lpd-Themes Rebuilt and Enhanced a New Website

        Learn how Parkando and Lpd-Themes tackled a tight turnaround time and developmental limitations to fulfill the company’s expansive website vision.


        In this success story, we share how Parkando approached Lpd-Themes to tackle a monumental feat: Creating a new website featuring powerful CRM custom object data. After attempting to build a website using the GrowFast Free theme alone, Parkando needed help creating an in-website map that displayed local parking lots and garages as a CMR custom object. With the help of Lpd-Themes’ extensive HubSpot experience, the company walked away with its wishes fulfilled—and more.

        About Parkando

        A provider of modern parking services, Parkando strives to offer a seamless parking experience by increasing the value of its customers’ parking spaces. Its website displays an interactive map of local parking spots/garage spaces available for rent.

        Industry: Real Estate


        Company Size: Small-Market (11-50 employees)

        Location: Stockholm, Sweden

        Use Case:

        • Custom website development
        • CMR custom objects
        • CMS Training


        • GrowFast Pro Theme


        • Free GrowFast migration
        • Custom development

        Parkando’s pain points

        • Parkando had already tried to create a website on its own using the GrowFast Free theme but could not find a solution to help it build an interactive parking lot/garage map as a HubDB or CMR custom object
        • Parkando also wished to migrate its website to the GrowFast pro version, as it needed more flexibility in customizing mobile layouts.
        • Parkando needed to overcome these challenges and launch a problem-free website before the start of 2023.


        Near the start of development, we had trouble choosing one of two approaches: whether to build Parkando’s interactive map using CRM custom objects vs. HubDB. Upon deciding to follow the CRM custom objects route (which would allow us to show the availability for renting a parking lot/garage space), we encountered some limitations concerning custom objects.  


        Though there were a few hurdles standing in the way, Lpd-Themes wasted no time cracking down on Parkando’s requirements to recreate a website that exceeded expectations. With a careful emphasis on custom design and developmental elements, we got to work producing the following solutions: 

        1) Structuring the required custom object (i.e., Latitude) for the Google Maps module:

        Parkando’s website now offers provides an extensive, interactive map of their local parking options, powered by Google Maps, which provides all the utility and ease of use visitors expect. 

        2) Creating a custom module using CRM custom object data:

        As one step further, the custom module Lpd-Themes built also lets visitors book their desired parking lot/garage space directly on the website.

        3) Rebuilding the previous website

        Using our GrowFast Pro solutions, Lpd-Themes successfully rebuilt Parkando’s website—now with a few major enhancements that’ll keep visitors coming back time and time again. 


        • Parkando received a high-performing, stunning HubSpot CMS website built using Lpd-Themes’ GrowFast theme—all for an incredibly budget-friendly cost.
        • Powered by HubSpot CRM, Lpd-Themes’ custom Google Maps module allows Parkando to display the parking lots/garage spaces it currently has available for rent.
        • Parkando was able to launch its updated, transformed website before its deadline, just in time for the new year.





        “Thank you for this Paul! I really appreciate it :) It looks amazing! I know there will be small bits but overall I just want to say a massive thank you to you!”
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