How Parkando and Lpd-Themes Rebuilt and Enhanced a New Website

Learn how Parkando and Lpd-Themes tackled a tight turnaround time and developmental limitations to fulfill the company’s expansive website vision.


In this success story, we share how Parkando approached Lpd-Themes to tackle a monumental feat: Creating a new website featuring powerful CRM custom object data. After attempting to build a website using the GrowFast Free theme alone, Parkando needed help creating an in-website map that displayed local parking lots and garages as a CMR custom object. With the help of Lpd-Themes’ extensive HubSpot experience, the company walked away with its wishes fulfilled—and more.

About Parkando

A provider of modern parking services, Parkando strives to offer a seamless parking experience by increasing the value of its customers’ parking spaces. Its website displays an interactive map of local parking spots/garage spaces available for rent.

Industry: Real Estate


Company Size: Small-Market (11-50 employees)

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Use Case:

  • Custom website development
  • CMR custom objects
  • CMS Training


  • GrowFast Pro Theme


  • Free GrowFast migration
  • Custom development

Parkando’s pain points

  • Parkando had already tried to create a website on its own using the GrowFast Free theme but could not find a solution to help it build an interactive parking lot/garage map as a HubDB or CMR custom object
  • Parkando also wished to migrate its website to the GrowFast pro version, as it needed more flexibility in customizing mobile layouts.
  • Parkando needed to overcome these challenges and launch a problem-free website before the start of 2023.


The most significant obstacle was obvious: Lpd-Themes only had two months to completely rebuild R2 Factory’s website. This meant creating a blog from the ground up; recreating every single module using a new (and improved) grid system; and, finally, launching it all on HubSpot CMS once it was complete.


Though there were a few hurdles standing in the way, Lpd-Themes wasted no time cracking down on Parkando’s requirements to recreate a website that exceeded expectations. With a careful emphasis on custom design and developmental elements, we got to work producing the following solutions: 

1) Structuring the required custom object (i.e., Latitude) for the Google Maps module:

Parkando’s website now offers provides an extensive, interactive map of their local parking options, powered by Google Maps, which provides all the utility and ease of use visitors expect. 

2) Creating a custom module using CRM custom object data:

As one step further, the custom module Lpd-Themes built also lets visitors book their desired parking lot/garage space directly on the website.

3) Rebuilding the previous website

Using our GrowFast Pro solutions, Lpd-Themes successfully rebuilt Parkando’s website—now with a few major enhancements that’ll keep visitors coming back time and time again. 


  • Parkando received a high-performing, stunning HubSpot CMS website built using Lpd-Themes’ GrowFast theme—all for an incredibly budget-friendly cost.
  • Powered by HubSpot CRM, Lpd-Themes’ custom Google Maps module allows Parkando to display the parking lots/garage spaces it currently has available for rent.
  • Parkando was able to launch its updated, transformed website before its deadline, just in time for the new year.





“Thank you for this Paul! I really appreciate it :) It looks amazing! I know there will be small bits but overall I just want to say a massive thank you to you!”
Arevinth V. Sarma
Story Teller — Rolls-Royce & R2 Factory

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