How IoTerop Partnered with Lpd-Themes to Revamp its Website

        Learn how IoTerop and Lpd-Themes overcame a tight deadline to revamp an 85-page HubSpot CMS website using the GrowFast theme.


        In this success story, we share how IoTerop and Lpd-Themes worked together to revamp the company’s website and allow it to continue expanding successfully. Thanks to the help of Lpd-Themes’ advanced HubSpot CMS solutions, the IoTerop team received 85 updated website pages, personalized Zoom training, and more! Read on to learn how both worked together to keep IoTerop ahead of the competition with a HubSpot CMS website built using the GrowFast theme—all at an incredibly budget-friendly cost.

        About IoTerop

        IoTerop helps organizations create practical IoT solutions through its award-winning software and efficient cloud-based device management platform. The company was founded in 2016 and has worked with a diverse range of leaders from the IoT field ever since.

        Industry: Software Development


        Company Size: Small-Market (11-50 employees)

        Location: Montpellier, France

        Use Case:

        • Website development
        • CMS Training


        • GrowFast Pro Theme


        • Lpd-Themes Custom Migration

        IoTerop’s pain points

        • IoTerop wished to have a revamped website before the summer of 2022. As such, Lpd-Themes provided an expedited timeframe to ensure the company’s needs were met.
        • The company’s existing WordPress website was outdated and would require a series of improvements.
        • The WordPress website was also bogged down by messy blog categories, which caused several blog posts to be “invisible” to its SEO plugin.


        Timing was a major challenge, as Lpd-Themes had to work within a tight deadline: 10 days to deliver a revamped website, which included 85 unique webpages. This would ensure IoTerop’s desired timeframe was satisfied—but it would also mean both teams would need to work closely to keep the project on-schedule. 


        After extensive discussions with the IoTerop team to ensure the project’s timeframe was satisfactory, Lpd-Themes received the greenlight to begin tackling some of the company’s existing challenges. Updating the website required quite a bit of problem-solving, but fortunately, the following solutions were effective:

        1) Replacing the WordPress website

        Using the GrowFast theme, Lpd-Themes was able to completely replace IoTerop’s WordPress website on HubSpot CMS. It also maintained the same website functionalities, ensuring IoTerop could hit the ground running once it went live.

        2) Fixing the blog categories

        Next, Lpd-Themes ensured the website was created using the best SEO practices in mind. This included building 85 unique webpages, as well as three separate blog categories (which featured updated blog pages). Aside from looking great, these fixes also helped improve IoTerop’s search engine rankings. 

        3) Personalized Zoom training

        Finally, to ensure the IoTerop team could continue managing its website well into the future, Lpd-Themes provided them with personalized HubSpot CMS training via Zoom. These sessions covered how to customize, edit, and adjust the website as needed.


        • IoTerop received a customized HubSpot CMS built with Lpd-Themes’ GrowFast theme at an incredibly budget-friendly rate.
        • The final website design was aesthetically future-forward without sacrificing functionality.
        • Lpd-Themes was able to migrate an 85-page website from WordPress to HubSpot CMS in under 10 days—all without losing any website functions from the previous WordPress website.





        “I worked with Paul to migrate our old WordPress website to a HubSpot website. I really like the design elements that he has on his theme, and it was easily the best looking theme available on the marketplace of the ones that had the features we needed. I'm still experiencing a learning curve with HubSpot's CMS combined with Paul's theme, but Paul has always responded within 24 hours with very clear instructions (usually with a video) on how to do things. Each time he responds, I have the feeling that he's trying to completely answer my question, and not just "check a box" to say that he's answered me. During the migration, I had the feeling that he was very focused on our project only, and he often responded to any email I sent within an hour or less.”
        Mackenzie Minch
        Marketing Manager — IoTerop

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