Lpd-Themes & Intergage Marketing Engineers: A Website Transformation Journey

        Explore the collaboration between Lpd-Themes and Marketing Engineers, where a website redesign led to impactful online growth.


        This case study highlights the successful partnership between Lpd-Themes, a HubSpot Website Design Agency, and Marketing Engineers, a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner. By leveraging Lpd-Themes' expertise in HubSpot CMS development, the two companies worked together to revamp Marketing Engineers' website, resulting in a modern design and effective online presence. The process included rebuilding pages in Content Staging, providing training, and ensuring a seamless migration.

        About Marketing Engineers

        A specialized agency with over 20 years of experience, Marketing Engineers focuses on the manufacturing and tech sectors. They help businesses become magnetic to their target audience by leveraging robust data, innovative strategy, and HubSpot. As a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner, they are committed to delivering a significant return on investment to their clients.

        Industry: Advertising Services

        Website: https://marketing-engineers.co.uk/

        Company Size: Small-Market (11-50 employees)

        Location: Wimborne, United Kingdom

        Use Case:

        • Website development
        • HubSpot CMS Training


        • GrowFast Pro Theme


        • Free GrowFast migration

        Marketing Engineers’s pain points

        • Marketing Engineers had an outdated website that required a complete redesign to represent their brand and services better.
        • The company wanted to incorporate new project visuals and graphical content without altering the existing website layout.
        • The Marketing Engineers team needed the training to manage the redesign of other pages independently.


        The main challenge was to rebuild the website using Content Staging in HubSpot while applying a fresh design and training the Marketing Engineers team for future updates and management.


        Lpd-Themes utilized their expertise in HubSpot CMS development, strategy, and marketing to address the challenges faced by Marketing Engineers.

        1) Content Staging Redesign:

        Lpd-Themes rebuilt a specified number of pages in Content Staging to ensure a seamless migration and maintain the website's layout while applying a modern design.

        2) New Design Integration:

        Working closely with Marketing Engineers, Lpd-Themes incorporated new project visuals and graphical content into the website redesign, creating a fresh, appealing online presence.

        3) Customized Training and Support:

        Lpd-Themes provided the Marketing Engineers team with training on how to rebuild other pages in Content Staging and the necessary steps to relaunch their website effectively.


        • Lpd-Themes successfully rebuilt the specified pages in Content Staging within two weeks, ensuring a seamless migration while retaining the website's layout.
        • Collaborating with Marketing Engineers, Lpd-Themes implemented a new web design that integrated the requested graphical content, resulting in an updated, visually appealing website.
        • Expertise By providing training and support, Lpd-Themes equipped the Marketing Engineers team with the skills to manage and maintain their redesigned website using HubSpot CMS.





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