Everything You Need To Know About HubSpot CMS

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        HubSpot CMS is an older service that has been around since April 2020. However, it seems people are just starting to catch on to what HubSpot is and what it offers. There are tons of HubSpot vs. WordPress articles being published. Additionally, What is a Content Management System is another popular question floating around the search engines lately.

        If you feel out of touch with the HubSpot CMS, keep reading. This article should help you better understand all the important questions surrounding what HubSpot CMS is, who it’s for, and what it does.

        If you have a certain question, use the menu below to find the answer, or scroll down and learn it all!

        What Is HubSpot CMS Hub?

        HubSpot CMS is the content management system referred to as the Hub CMS by HubSpot. The platform provides you a framework needed for building a solid and successful website. It can be thought of as similar to a website builder like Wix or WordPress.

        What’s Different About HubSpot CMS

        With so many different content management systems available, we find the question “what is the difference about HubSpot CMS” to be one of the most asked. The simple answer is that the HubSpot CMS was designed to remove the hassle of website management, unlike its competitors.

        HubSpot CMS is designed to provide security, scalability, reliability, and speed. It works with the other HubSpot tools to offer marketing and sales support that is unmatched, all wrapped into your website.

        How Does HubSpot CMS Work?

        New users of HubSpot CMS may be asking how do you login to the CMS Hub or how do you login to HubSpot CMS? Watch this video showing a quick introduction to the HubSpot CMS backend to get an idea of what it looks like and the basic navigation.

        How To Design a Website In The HubSpot CMS Hub?

        Like with WordPress, HubSpot CMS Hub lets you build websites from scratch if you prefer coding each element by hand. It also provides a library of templates and themes that can be used to quickly get a website up and running, allowing you to develop it further for a more customized look with HubL, the custom HubSpot coding language.

        If you just want to put a website together, HubSpot provides many options, from free to paid themes.

        How To Add Certain Functions To a New CMS Hub?

        HubSpot CMS works in a similar design as WordPress, an open-sourced design that allows users to easily pick from millions of plugins and widgets. If you need to add a calculator or a customized animation but are not sure how to code it, WordPress lets you install pre-coded plugins.

        HubSpot CMS uses the Asset Marketplace, a database of custom modules that can be used to get the functions you need.

        HubSpot’s asset marketplace is more controlled compared to that of WordPress. This gives the benefit of more security because you do not have to worry if a plugin contains a virus or malicious coding.

        HubSpot currently has fewer options compared to WordPress. Although, as more partners and developers get familiar with HubSpot, the capabilities will expand as it is still a new platform. If you cannot find the function you are looking for, the Solutions Partners can help build a custom function as needed.

        What Are The Disadvantages Of HubSpot CMS?

        Now to cover the disadvantages of HubSpot CMS. No platform can be 100% perfect for everyone; it all comes down to your individual needs.

        1) Design Limitations

        If you prefer using a theme or template, HubSpot CMS works great if you don’t need any specific requests or modifications. If you do, there is a risk of the changes not being within the functions of the installed theme. If this is the case, you may need an experienced developer to help.

        This may not be something the average person has a major issue over, more of the design-obsessed or those trying to clone a feature or website that exists on a different CMS platform.

        2) Custom Coding

        HubSpot CMS has its own unique coding language called HubL. If you want to build a website from scratch, you will need to understand HubL first. However, this may not be a major setback for anyone wanting to start out with a theme and then learn to make some changes.

        3) Price

        When it comes to CMS pricing, HubSpot is riding on the high side. The following sections will cover the price in more detail, but you do get what you pay for. While HubSpot CMS costs more than some, you get many features that you don’t get from free CMS platforms such as WordPress, including speed, security, stability, and reliability.

        4) Newly Released Platform

        HubSpot CMS is still a new platform, meaning they may still have kinks to work out. That’s not to say you will have any major performance issues. The HubSpot CMS developers are still working on some of the smaller features.

        Is HubSpot CMS Free?

        HubSpot CMS is not a free platform, but it does offer a large database of free tools in the HubSpot CRM; the platform itself is not.

        How Much Does HubSpot CMS Cost?

        There are three level options available:

        • HubSpot CMS Hub Starter: Starting at $23 per month. You will be able to build the website, keep it secure, and run it without issue using the HubSpot tools of your choice.

        • HubSpot CMS Professional: Starting at $360 per month. In addition to the starter package benefits, you get many additional features, including website customizing using smart content, custom reports, and optimized A/B testing. Google Search Console integration allows you to expand content strategies and much more.

        • HubSpot CMS Enterprise: Starting at $1,200 per month. Enterprise is the top option, great for those needing to make the most of their website, wrapping up sales, growth, and market strategy all in one.

        This should give you a basic concept of what you can expect regarding the different package options and pricing. However, you should know if you’re using other HubSpot Hubs or currently group multiple hubs; there are often discounts offered for bundling multiple hubs together.

        Before purchasing, it is always suggested to reach out to a HubSpot Solutions Partner to ensure you get the best tools for your needs at the best price available.

        Is There A Major Difference Between WordPress and HubSpot?

        As mentioned earlier, this is possibly the most asked question floating around, and that is why there’s an entire article dedicated to it. Simply head over to HubSpot vs. WordPress: What’s the Difference?

        If it’s a simple answer you’re after, the first difference right from the start is HubSpot CMS loads much faster and provides better performance. Building and designing the website yourself, WordPress has the upper hand now. Although, as HubSpot ages and becomes more popular, it too will evolve and surpass WordPress in design and building.

        For additional information, head to HubSpot vs. WordPress. It can help you choose the best option based on your needs.

        Examples of HubSpot CMS website

        You know what HubSpot CMS offers, the pricing, reliability, and how it is different from WordPress. Can you spot the difference if looking at a website? Below are some examples of HubSpot CMS; see if you can spot the differences.

        The first example, the website you are on right now, was built using HubSpot CMS. Fun fact, you can easily migrate an existing WordPress website over to HubSpot. Here are some more HubSpot CMS examples you will enjoy:

        • Cookaborough: An intelligent software solution that streamlines the process of operating a food business. They migrated to HubSpot CMS using the GrowFast Pro plan.

        • Retraced: A an all-in-one SaaS platform designed to help support textile and fashion companies digitize supply chains. It’s a multilingual website that also uses the GrowFast theme.

        • PremierCX: A CX consultancy company from the UK, providing specialized award-winning services in helping contact centers. The GrowFast theme has helped them re-launch using a new, faster website on HubSpot CMS.

        Conclusion: All You Needed To Know About HubSpot CMS Hub

        There you have it, the basics of HubSpot CMS. Do you have additional questions? Was anything overlooked? Reach out to us and let us know! Many clients have built, managed, and optimized HubSpot CMS websites through our themes, and we would be happy to assist you too.

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