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        The CMS Hub is an amazing tool and you can use APIs to extend it. Today, we have put together a list of the most relevant HubSpot CMS APIs for developers who use the CMS Hub to build websites. This isn’t the complete list of our HubSpot CMS APIs, and these APIs support OAuth and they all depend on rate limits.

        We highly recommend you read our guidelines about API usage so you have a good point of reference. You’ll have to open a developer account to put the integrations to the test. This will allow you to have several accounts for testing or an app to start using OAuth.

        API for Analytics

        With the HubSpot CMS API, you can export all your HubSpot reporting data and analytics. You can use it to link your HubSpot metrics to other intelligence tools you’re using for your business. You could also use it to show all the leads and traffic tracked in other analytics or CRM tools.

        API for Conversations

        If you’re using the Conversations Live Chat widget to engage website visitors, this HubSpot CMS API will give you greater control over it and allow you to tailor visitor’s experiences. You can also customize when and how the widget will show up on the website.

        APIs for Blog

        You can use these HubSpot CMS APIs to sync all the data from your blog to other tools and apps, and also edit the content on your blog. Here are some of the most relevant blog APIs:

        Blog Authors API

        This allows you to create, list, delete, search, and obtain information for blog authors.

        Blog Comments API

        This helps you list, obtain, delete, and create comments. Additionally, you will be able to retrieve any comments that have been deleted.

        Blog Post API

        This enables you to obtain, list, create, clone, delete, update, and control blog post publishing. This HubSpot CMS API also allows you to manage blog post revisions.

        Blog Topics API

        With this one, you can create, list, obtain, update, delete, search, and consolidate blog topics.

        API for Domain

        This HubSpot CMS API enables you to obtain a list of domains in a HubSpot account and all the properties associated with those domains.

        API for Files

        With this API, you will be able to organize, upload, manage, and delete files on the HubSpot File Manager.

        API for Forms

        This HubSpot CMS API allows you to send users customized forms and obtain information for your forms, as well as make, edit, and delete forms and related fields. It’s worth noting that when you use it to submit form data, you will be responsible for the validation and accessibility of the forms.

        API for HubDB

        This API will help you make, edit, and get rid of HubDB tables and the data they contain. It’s very useful when it comes to the storage and display of complex data. Additionally, it supports CVS file imports, so you can import data onto HubDB tables.

        API for Page Publishing

        With this HubSpot CMS API, you will be able to create, duplicate, update, list, and delete CMS pages. You can also use it to manage the state of publishing of a page, as well as view and go back to old revisions made to the page.

        API for Site Search

        This one allows you to search any kind of content on a website hosted by HubSpot. With this HubSpot CMS API, you can build a personalized site search and also access all the indexed information within a document.

        API for Templates

        The templates API allows you to list, make, publish, update, and delete HTML+HubL templates. You will also be able to use this HubSpot CMS API to obtain and restore old revisions and recover any templates you’ve deleted.

        API for URL Mappings

        This API enables you to list, make, edit, delete, and obtain URL mappings in an account on HubSpot. You need URL mappings for proxy and redirect pages, so this is a useful API.

        API for Performance

        With the help of this API, teams will be able to keep an eye on pages hosted on HubSpot to identify any issues that will negatively affect visitors’ experience. The API is in its public beta version.

        API for Content Audit

        With this HubSpot CMS API, you can filter and organize content object changes according to date, type, or user ID. This way, you will always know everything. The API is in its public beta version.

        Obtain a Consent Status

        You will need to obtain your privacy consent status if you want to use the GDPR privacy consent banner to control the analytics scripts.

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