What is HubSpot? A Guide In Simple English

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        There is a chance that you probably have heard about HubSpot if you're interested in inbound marketing. Some of their most popular features are certification courses, blogs, and even videos, and they're considered a leader in the digital marketing industry. You might be familiar with HubSpot, the company, but might not know what HubSpot is, the software.

        As a big platform, HubSpot is difficult to summarize all of its capabilities in one sentence. Seeing as how we use it every day, we thought we'd take a shot at explaining what HubSpot is for you.

        Getting started with HubSpot is easy with this guide: what HubSpot is, how it works, and what it can do for you.

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        What is HubSpot?

        HubSpot is a CRM that is cloud-based that synergizes marketing and sales teams, improves ROI, fosters sales enablement, and maximizes the inbound marketing strategy to create more qualified leads for your company.

        That's fine but in English?

        HubSpot enables your company to market more effectively and sells more products.

        The History of HubSpot

        To better understand HubSpot, you have to know a few things about the company's history. Founded in 2005, HubSpot has become a marketing resource.

        At that time, they provided companies with resources and tools to get started with inbound marketing.

        How Does HubSpot Work?

        HubSpot assists companies in marketing more effectively.

        They have created a cloud-based platform on which all of a company's digital marketing activities can be housed.

        You can host your website, blog, post on social media, send emails, and more, all from a single platform that can be accessed anywhere.

        Every marketing team at a company can use the tools provided by HubSpot to grow qualified leads into a customer when the sales team is ready to follow up. Whenever a lead is converted, it will be passed to the sales team for a streamlined experience that helps companies turn leads into satisfied customers.

        Yet, that is just the start of the HubSpot software.

        Years later, HubSpot offers that original software in a complete CRM that includes specific tools and software for sales, marketing, service, and operations teams, along with a content management system (the HubSpot CMS).

        To help your company grow, all of those tools work seamlessly together today.

        That still seems like a lot. So here's an overview of each HubSpot Hub, beginning with a quick look at how the CRM works:

        HubSpot CRM Platform

        It all started with HubSpot CRM. CRM software gives companies a platform to automate, organize and helps to track the activity and interaction within the company.

        CRM was initially developed by HubSpot primarily as a marketing tool.

        The system enabled marketers to organize their leads, nurture them according to their buyer personas and pain points, and pass them seamlessly to the sales team.

        Today, those original features are still available in HubSpot CRM, but the platform is much more sophisticated. HubSpot's existing CRM serves as a vital part of a proper RevOps strategy rather than just supporting the marketing team.

        If you need a way to tie every company action into revenue, HubSpot will do it, no questions asked.

        • Using HubSpot's CRM, any other marketing, sales, or service tool can be launched from it.
        • All company contacts and leads are stored in the CRM.
        • This plugin integrates with the HubSpot CMS - it's like WordPress, but better.
        • All departments can access leads through a shared portal.
        • There are tailored tools available to each team in marketing, sales, customer service, and operations hubs to enhance operations, customer experience, and revenue generation.

        Here are a few of the benefits of using CRM:

        Team-wide visibility

        Your company's CRM is accessible to your entire team. There are no limits. From interns to C-suite executives, it means that anyone can log on and see precisely where your leads come from, where they are going, and how you are engaging them to get there.

        Contact and Lead Conversion Tracking

        Every interaction or conversation your team has with a lead, prospect, or customer is tracked. We follow up with new clients, so your sales team does not have to wonder when service has done so. In addition to gaining instant insight into how veteran salespeople close, new sales reps also learn the trade tricks.

        Live Chat and Chatbot Workflows

        Your website already works 24 hours a day. Please take advantage of that by engaging and nurturing leads on it. When your team is away from the office, you can remain in contact with them through live chat and chatbots.

        Sales Deal Pipeline

        Streamline your sales pipeline to streamline your sales process. You no longer have to wonder where a prospect stands in the buying cycle. Deal pipelines provide sales reps with an easy-to-use visual tool to reduce manual entry and research. In addition, you can automate certain stages of the pipeline.

        Customer Satisfaction Surveys

        Anyone today can get anything they want from anywhere due to the digital age. What will make them choose you? The superior service you provide. Ask your customers what they think and how you can improve to ensure excellent service.

        Superior CMS.

        HubSpot CMS is possibly one of the best and most significant improvements that they have made. It is a full-service content management system, and it provides a secure, safe, easy-to-use, and fast platform for your site. Not to mention that it can be integrated with other CRM.

        That is just a tiny portion of what HubSpot can help with.

        HubSpot CRM is an excellent platform as it has a variety of tools that you can use to draw in leads and have better business with your customers.

        Since there is now a small explanation of what it is, you now need to look at the parts of HubSpot CRM, starting with the HubSpot CMS.

        CMS Hub

        HubSpot CMS was announced in April 2020. As you can see, HubSpot knew it had great marketing, sales, and support tools back then, but what was the real heart of your whole business today? Today?

        Yes, this is your website.

        As I said before and again, your website is a digital platform. And in today's world, nothing is more important than your digital presence. With all that in mind, HubSpot decided to build its content management system (you'll find other popular options like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace). If revenue and growth are what you're looking for, we think HubSpot CMS is your best bet.

        CMS now includes many products, so there is no way that they could all be covered here. Some blogs can do that. - What is the HubSpot CMS?

        To help you understand the benefits of the CMS Hub offering, we'll summarize some of the top CMS Hub tools.

        Some tools provided by HubSpot CMS Hub are:

        • Maximum security - HubSpot is known for its excellent security. And since it's not an open platform like WordPress, the security risk is less.
        • Data - HubSpot's CMS offers unprecedented data integration. Your website will automatically display everything related to your business.
        • Site Hosting Platform – You will get everything that your business needs, from service pages to landing pages, CTAs, blogs, and even contact forms, in a single place.
        • Drag and Drop Editing - Are you scared of the new platform? Do not do that! HubSpot provides a simple pull-and-drop interface to make it easy to edit, edit, and edit web pages.
        • Fast - The CMS is very fast, and so it is designed. You don't need to work hard or use many plugins to get a website that loads like lightning.

        When sales, marketing, service, and operations data are tied to your website's performance and usage metrics, it's a powerful chart that can be used to inform growth decisions.

        With flexible advertising, performance, and a user-friendly interface, HubSpot CMS provides customizable solutions for your website to show your business growth.

        Marketing Hub

        HubSpot Marketing Hub is a tool designed to help your business group. HubSpot Marketing Hub helps businesses increase website traffic and convert more visitors into leads.

        Marketing Hub's goal is to make life easier for your business. It provides seamless design content for blogs, emails, social media accounts, and websites and provides excellent tracking and publishing metrics for all your favorite content.

        Quickly see how many people visit your site, where they're going, when they're leaving, and how much they like your landing page. Like all HubSpot tools, the Business Hub is categorized by the size of your business and the tools your business wants to use. The first level of HubSpot is always free, no matter which hub you want to try.

        Some of the most popular marketing hub tools are:

        • Social media scheduling, planning, and organization, plus the option to track it.
        • Landing pages which are easily integrated into your site and HubSpot metrics can be used to optimize and track the performance.
        • Content creation and blog tools.
        • SEO tools to help you optimize your content strategy, site architecture, and more.
        • CTAs provide you with tracking of KPIs, impressions, and click-through rates.
        • Goal-based nurturing will allow marketing to set goals based on research of buyer personas and any previous performances. It is best if the hub is set to nurture these leads using these particular goals.

        The marketing hub has more tools than what is here. If you want to know more, you can just check them out.

        Sales Hub

        The Sales Hub was made to help your company's sales department quickly close better deals.

        Your sales department will close better deals with the Sales Hub.

        Your sales team will benefit from these tools, so they will be able to focus on closing deals with qualified prospects, which is what matters most.

        Sales teams have the tools they need to provide excellent service and close deals as soon as the lead is ready to convert with Sales Hub. It's a powerful set of tools that will seriously improve your selling skills. In fact, it has its own blog! If you're interested, take a look at the post What's the Deal with HubSpot Sales?

        How Does The HubSpot Sales Hub Work?

        Leads can be tracked by the Sales Hub, including the pages they are visiting as well as the frequency.

        Instant alerts are sent when prospects open emails, convert on forms, or take actions that indicate their intent to buy.

        Moreover, since Sales Hub communicates with the rest of the CRM, your marketing team can easily track which deals have been won, lost, or are still in progress and how their efforts have contributed.

        Some of the tools that the Sales Hub has are:

        • Schedule Meetings - Forget about time conflicts that can overwhelm leaders. Instead, let your vision pick the meeting time that works best for them.
        • Multiple deal pipelines - Not all products or services have the same sales lead. The sales team can modify core services to meet specific customer needs and implement and follow custom procedures for multiple pipelines.
        • Email Sequences - Automated email workflows designed to help skilled administrators
        • Dashboard Alerts - so your team can see how their efforts impact the business and who is selling well and why.
        • Email Search and Alerts - Your sales team is alerted when a vision opens an email or clicks on your website.

        Like the Marketing Hub, the Sales Hub has plenty of tools for any level that works for your business. And they are all affiliated with Service Hub, Marketing Hub, and HubSpot CMS.

        Service Hub

        The Service Hub was designed to help support your service teams while it supports your customers. It provides all the facilities to make delivery services simpler, smoother, and more transparent. Quickly identify your customers' issues, resolve them quickly, and understand their level. The HubSpot Service Hub team helps keep their customers happy and efficient.

        The Service Hub includes:

        • Customer Portal — Users can easily see where their tickets are and who is resolving them, taking the hassle out of the troubleshooting process.
        • Phone Support and Customer Feedback
        • Live chat and interactive bots — Users, and customers get what they need when needed. There is no waiting time during opening hours. Solve the problem now.
        • Canned Snippets — Those questions you get every day? Send back the perfect answer automatically with canned snippets.
        • Customer Service Automation
        • Use email templates to check — in with customers you haven't heard from in a while or to receive service reviews. Email templates are easy to set up, easy to send, and even easier to track.
        • Multiple Ticket Pipelines — Easily organize tickets based on customer query subject.
        • Access the knowledge base for any client so that your team knows who they have spoken to and what they have spoken about, so they can get to the right solution quickly.

        The HubSpot Service Hub is able to work with all of the CRM just like the other hubs. What that means for your business is that anyone who is a part of your team is going to be able to see any of the interactions that a customer has had with sales and marketing, and any potential issues can be looked at, and the best resolution can be found.

        In turn, this cuts down on the time it takes for customer service reps to resolve a client ticket and ensures your clients receive the best possible customer service.

        Operations Hub

        The Operations Hub is the newest addition to HubSpot.

        Launched in April of 2021, this hub was designed entirely with RevOps.

        Don't know what RevOps is? Then, do not worry. We have you covered if you need to learn more about it.

        As a team, Operations Hub pulls all of your business data together through HubSpot and pushes it to one place. It also makes it easier to streamline processes and use automation (even in general).

        So what does Operations Hub include? Check out what they include:

        Data Sync - We learned that HubSpot isn't the only platform we use. You can now import and export data through HubSpot CRM with the data sync feature. That means you can connect to other devices or platforms your team uses and get your information where and when you need it most. Mixed data makes it more accessible.

        Good data automation – One of the features that may seem simple is the data management feature. But if you need to share data from multiple presentations, you might be blown away. The data management feature makes it easy for you to clean any dirty data that your company has and then standardize it across all of your platforms in a seamless way.

        Automating Custom Processes Galore - Ever wished you could create complex automation? Suppose you want to assign North American leads with a budget of 200k+ to a specific sales rep. Previously, this would need to be done manually.

        This hub allows for custom automation (no matter how complex). You can write your own or let the developer create the code and choose where and when to use the complex process.

        So there is a lot of information about the data. Overall, what is the real bottom line for the Operations Hub?

        HubSpot Operations Hub makes it easy to get the information you need, when you need it, what you need, and what you need.

        You can easily follow the instructions given to you.

        It's an incredibly powerful tool that wraps around the rest of an already very powerful platform.

        GrowFast with Us

        We hope you are fully catching on to just how great HubSpot is for any business, but if you notice that you are still struggling a bit, do not hesitate to reach out to us to ask any questions you may have. Contact us today and let us help you to GrowFast.

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