GrowFast Pro + Launching a New Website = $1,489

        Pay for the Theme Only. After purchasing the theme, claim your FREE website with a GrowFast Pro theme.

        Here is How The GrowFast Website-launching Service Can Help You

        Convert your web design to a new HubSpot website.
        With this service, you will receive a new HubSpot website built using your web design assets. We convert your website design to a similar HubSpot CMS site.Build a brand new website that provides design assets.
        Build a brand new website providing your design assets.
        You will receive a brand new website providing all requested data, such as design assets, project vision, copywriting, or wireframes.
        Relaunch an outdated or underperforming website by redesigning the webpages.
        You will receive a newly redesigned website built on HubSpot CMS, providing all requested data, such as design assets, project vision, copywriting, or wireframes.
        Do you need another non-listed service with a new launch on HubSpot CMS?
        If so, contact Paul for a FREE consultation.

        Here’s How It Works:

        Phase 1 – Consultation:
        If you are interested in GrowFast’s website-launching service, contact Paul for a free consultation. At your request, we can help with the new website design at an additional cost. At this phase, you must provide project documentation (brief template or project vision), website copywriting, and the wireframes of your website. This vital data will help us understand your web project. After analyzing the project data, you will receive a one-hour FREE consultation and be provided solutions for your project via email, Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams.
        Phase 2 – Solution:
        After finding the solution for your project, we will agree on a project delivery timeframe and summarize all the details we discussed. This data is the legal basis of our agreement. After purchasing your theme, you provide access to your portal with user permissions to access the CMS of your HS portal and must agree to the terms of our website-launching service by filling out the required form.
        Phase 3 - Start:
        We build the website based on the specific requirements we agreed on during Phases 1 and 2 on a temporary/system domain. Your website would be with text placeholders if the customer didn't provide copywriting before this phase.
        Phase 4 – Copywriting:
        The customer has to prepare all text content (copywriting) at this phase and provide it to us or replace all text placeholders on their own. This is unnecessary if the customer provided copywriting during Phase 1.
        Phase 5 – Delivery:
        Now, it's the customer turn. You will have (2) two opportunities/rounds to provide feedback for revisions. From the start of the revision phase, you have two working days to decide what you want to change for each round of revisions.
        Phase 6 – Launch:
        After the final revision and confirmation, we launch your new website by adding the domain to the HubSpot portal (if required) and replacing the system domain with the permanent domain of your website.

        Each project is unique, has specific requirements, and requires a personal approach. Contact us for a free consultation to determine the solution for your particular project needs.

        Do You Need a Hassle-free Solution?

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        What You Get with FREE Website-launching Service

          Free Website-launching Service Custom Website-launching Service
        FREE 1-hour consultation before purchasing via email, Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams
        Powerful and Flexible HubSpot Theme
        FREE Unlimited Email and Chat Support
        FREE Theme Updates
        FREE 10 Pages Each additional page will cost $100. EU customers €100 (VAT included)
        A 30-Day REFUND Guarantee

        Frequently Asked Questions

        1.) What will my new HubSpot website look like?

        Convert web design to a new HubSpot website. We will build a website with a similar look and feel to your web design. The provided design can be in any format. The new website will have all functions reflected in your web design. At your request, we can build one-to-one (100% similar to your design) custom modules for an additional cost.

        Build a brand new website providing design assets. We will build a brand new website using your provided data at the consultation stage, such as design assets, project vision, copywriting, content, and wireframes.

        Relaunch an outdated or underperforming website by redesigning existing webpages. We will build a website with a new look and feel by using your previous branding styles and redesigning pages for your specific needs at your request. 

        2.) Will you migrate my entire website?

        The FREE website-launching service has a limit of 10 pages or blog posts. Additional pages will require an additional investment.

        3.) How do I start the migration process?

        First, you must contact us via the contact form. We will collect all the data necessary to start the process.

        4.) How much will the entire process cost?

        You'll pay only $1,489 (EU VAT included) for the GrowFast Pro theme. You'll pay no additional fees for the FREE website-launching service

        5.) Do you have a post-launch website refund policy?

        We offer a partial post-launch refund. To be eligible for this refund, you must take advantage of the FREE website-launching service within 30 days of purchase. If you request a refund within 30 days of your website-launching service, we will refund the price you paid ($1,489) minus the market rate for eight hours of customization services (currently $1,200). Thus, your refund would total $289.

        6.) Do you offer support services after migration?

        Yes, We do. You will receive free lifetime support for all issues regarding the theme itself. Please note that assistance with third-party features or functionalities that don't come with the theme is excluded from the free support. However, We do offer custom CMS Hub development services for an hourly fee if you need additional help with your third-party components.

        7.) What happens if my website has a unique feature that the GrowFast theme doesn't offer?

        During the consultation phase, we will analyze all provided data and features needed to build your website. If the GrowFast theme doesn't provide similar functions, we will notify you and do our best to offer solutions that meet your specific project’s needs.

        8.) What do additional services cost?

        We offer custom CMS Hub development services for an hourly fee of $150 per hour. We also offer a significant discount if the project requires more than 10 hours of work.

        9.) What if you can't build my website with GrowFast?

        If your website is very complex and can't be built with the GrowFast theme, we will refund the full price you paid. However, we will inform you of this during our consultation phase to avoid this situation in the first place.

        10.) After the website-launching service, will I still have 6 (six) free hours of customization services?

        No. The 6 (six) free hours of customization services will be used to launch your website.

        11.) Do you provide phone support?

        No. We use email to send, reply, and deliver every task to document the process. Before purchasing the theme, the customer has a FREE one-hour consultation via email, Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams to discuss the project details or are unsure if GrowFast is good enough for their business.


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