Theme + Migration = $989

Pay for the Theme Only. After you purchase the theme, I will migrate your website free of charge. I will help you launch a winning HubSpot site in just two (2) weeks.
Whether you plan to migrate a non-HubSpot site to HubSpot or relaunch an outdated or underperforming HubSpot website, you will get a refreshed look and superior quality from the GrowFast theme.
I will take your non-HubSpot website and migrate all pages and blog posts, including all their content, to HubSpot.

Allow me to briefly explain the process.

I will take four steps to launch your winning HubSpot site in two (2) weeks.

I analyze all the website pages we need to migrate to HubSpot and download your content. If you don’t have images or video content for your website, I will use stock content.
I will build your new website on your HubSpot account using the GrowFast theme and a temporary domain; I will set 301 redirects for SEO.
Now, it’s your turn. You will have two opportunities to provide feedback for revisions. Tell me what and where you want to make changes (colors, content, or other graphical elements), and I will implement those changes
After your final confirmation, I will add your domain, and you will point the domain to the HubSpot host. Your website will now be live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions I'm frequently asked about migration packages.

What will my new HubSpot website look like?

I will build your new HubSpot website with the available GrowFast modules and templates. Your new website will have your previous content, including your copy, images, and videos. At your request, I can update your images and video with stock content.

I want to create new pages or completely redesign some pages. Is that included with the Free Migration package?
No. This work is beyond the scope of the Free Migration package and requires an additional investment. The Free Migration package includes migrating your old website and content to HubSpot CMS. I highly suggest migrating your old website first and then discussing any additional service after that is done.
Will you migrate my entire website?

It depends on the size of your website. The Free Migration package has a page limit of 15 pages or blog posts. Additional pages will require an additional investment. If you have a very large website, I recommend going with the Custom Migration package.

How do I start the migration?

After purchasing the GrowFast theme in the HubSpot marketplace, contact me via the contact form. I will collect all the necessary data to start the migration process.

How much will the entire process cost?

You’ll pay only $989 (EU VAT included) for the GrowFast HubSpot theme. You’ll pay no additional fees for the Free Migration package.

Do you have a post-migration refund policy?

I offer a partial refund post-migration. If you request a refund within 30 days following your migration, I will refund the price you paid ($989) minus the market rate for six hours of customization services (currently $900), making your refund a total of $89. To be eligible for this refund, you must take advantage of the Free Migration package within 30 days of purchase.

Do you offer support services after migration?

Yes, I do. You will receive free lifetime support for all issues regarding the theme itself.

Please note that assistance with third-party features or functionalities that don’t come with the theme is excluded from the free support. However, I do offer custom HubSpot development services for an hourly fee if you need additional help with your third-party components.

What happens if my website has a unique feature that the GrowFast theme doesn’t offer?
I will analyze all pages and features that we need to migrate during the Discover stage. If the GrowFast theme doesn’t have similar modules, I will notify you and do my best to offer possible solutions.
What do additional services cost?
I offer custom HubSpot development services for an hourly fee of $150 per hour. I also offer a significant discount if the project requires more than 10 hours of work
What if you can’t migrate my website with GrowFast?
If your website is very complex and can’t be migrated with the GrowFast HubSpot theme, I will refund the full price you paid. However, I will do my best to ensure that never happens.
Will I still have two free hours of customization services after a website migration?
No. The two free hours of customization services will be used to migrate your website.
Do you provide phone support?

No. I use email to send, reply, and deliver every task to keep the process well documented.

If you want to discuss your project details or are unsure if GrowFast is good enough for your website, let’s talk. I’m available for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Only 15 Pages or Blog Posts
FREE Migration
Only 15 Pages or Blog Posts
HubSpot website in 2 weeks
Migration of a non-HubSpot site to HubSpot or relaunch an outdated or underperforming HubSpot website, you will get a refreshed look and superior quality from the GrowFast theme.
  • GrowFast HubSpot Theme
  • FREE Lifetime Theme Support
  • Delivery Time 2 Weeks
  • 15 Pages or Blog Posts
  • Two FREE Hours of Customization Service
Custom Migration
Migrate a website with more than 15 pages or blog posts
Every additional page costs $50–100
If you have an extensive and complex website, migration will require an additional investment. Each additional page will cost $50–100. The price for the page varies based on the complexity of the page itself. Please get in touch with me for a personalized quote for my Custom Migration package.

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