Free HubSpot Website Hosting

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        Do you want your website to succeed? Take advantage of HubSpot’s website hosting on a fully optimized and managed infrastructure that will grow alongside your business.

        Prices & Packages

        HubSpot website hosting is free, but the premium version of CMS Hub provides access to additional functions. Check out the pricing page to learn more.

        Why You’ll Love This

        You’ll love the HubSpot website hosting because it:

        • HubSpot website hosting is free, managed, and doesn’t require setup.
        • No storage, usage, or traffic-based fees.
        • It doesn’t require integration with third-party tools to keep the website live.

        Premium Hosting for Free!

        When you’re building a website, finding the right hosting service is just as important as finding a good website builder. Hosting helps you make sure your content is safe so visitors can rely on it.

        HubSpot’s website hosting offers a premium service for free and without any hidden or extra charges. You can let us handle the infrastructure while you focus on generating high-quality and valuable content.

        We will take care of website uptime.

        Whenever your website crashes, visitors can’t become customers. Your website is an extremely important conversion channel, so it’s important to make sure your hosting needs are taken care of. We understand how valuable your time is, so we manage your hosting platform so you are free to do what you do best.

        Make sure your website and customers are secure.

        Security threats could not only compromise your website, but they could also hurt your reputation. HubSpot website hosting protects your website 24/7 by providing a security team, SSL, WAF, and effective threat detection.

        A complete solution for your business website.

        It’s not uncommon for third-party hosting providers to have hidden fees or be challenging to manage and set up. HubSpot website hosting offers everything you need in just one platform so you can focus on business growth.

        Free HubSpot website hosting.

        When you’re creating a website, the cost of the tools to make sure it’s secure, fast, and functional will add up very quickly. Growing a business is already challenging, so there’s no need to worry about hosting, managing your website, and investing in all the tools you need while on a budget. HubSpot website hosting helps you save money, resources, and time by handling all the web monitoring and server management.


        What does website hosting mean?

        In the digital space, website hosting is the equivalent of renting a space to start a business. This service allows your website to be available for everyone on the web so customers can visit it and interact. It uses tools like WAF, CDN, and threat detection, among others.

        How long does it take to set up website hosting with CMS Hub?

        There’s no need for setup with CMS Hub. When you publish your website, it will be automatically hosted by HubSpot’s premium but free cloud hosting solution.

        How much does website hosting cost?

        HubSpot website hosting is free and there aren’t any hidden or additional fees involved.

        What is the difference between web hosting and domain hosting?

        Web hosting is the service that allows your website to be available for people to visit, while domain hosting is the service that allows your business to have a unique domain name and URL. Both are essential!

        Paul Buiko

        Paul Buiko

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