HubSpot Website Strategy

        Having a website strategy is a critical part of any business plan. A well-built website can be a powerful asset for your business that works for you 24/7. When backed by a sound marketing strategy, it can be your "top salesman," working day and night to answer customer queries, capture leads, and generate sales even when you're not around.

        This is How We Help You With Website Strategy

        We work with your marketing team or agency to achieve the desired outcome of your website strategy. Our objective is to create goals for your site, review your content, determine the narrative you want to tell, plan for self-navigation, plan for video and content, establish the technical setup and lay out the launch plan. With our help, you can be confident that you'll have a website that meets your expectations and accomplishes your goals.
        Your Website Goals

        Creating an effective website strategy starts with understanding your goals and the journey of your target audience. With these two pieces of the puzzle in mind, you can create the pages and pathways to help your target audience move from the homepage through the purchase process.

        When designing and building an effective website strategy, determining the primary goals you want to achieve and understanding the needs of your target audience should be your first order of business. Through this, you can make data-driven decisions on the pages, user experience, and conversion paths needed to accomplish your goals.

        Start by putting yourself in your target audience's shoes and determining what they want and need to do to meet your business objectives when they land on your website. From there, you can easily create the pages and pathways that will help them move from the homepage to the purchase process. Don't forget to highlight your product or service pages, offer a page to learn more, and ensure it's easy to find your prices. With the right strategy, you'll be on the path to achieving your goals and delighting your target audience.
        Content Review

        At Lpd-Themes, we believe a well-planned website structure is the foundation of a successful website. By taking inventory of your content and carefully considering how it should be organized, you can create a website that helps you reach your goals.

        A thorough inventory of your website's content is a critical step in developing your website strategy. With the help of the HubSpot SEO tool and other tools, our website team can crawl your existing website, analyze its performance, and export the data for further analysis. We then work with the business team to determine which pages should be kept, combined, or removed to accomplish their goals and facilitate the buyer's journey. This inventory will help us create the ideal website structure, including navigation menus, the organization of information, and footer content. A well-planned website structure is the foundation for a successful website, and taking the time to inventory and organize your content properly is essential for achieving your goals.
        Your Story & Values

        Regarding website content, it's about crafting a story that resonates with users. At Lpd-Themes, we create page strategies that focus on the company's overall story and value while maintaining a strong focus on the individual user journey.

        Starting with the goal of each page, we think through what information a user would need to make a comfortable decision. This involves reducing noise and ensuring the next step in the user's journey is as straightforward as possible.

        Questions like "how did the user end up on this page?" and "what information do they need to be comfortable taking the next step?" help us determine what content should live on the page, what calls-to-action should be featured, and how to ensure the user moves through their journey.

        Page strategies may take different forms, from simple notes of different sections for each page to sketches of the page for those who are more visual. Ultimately, the goal is to craft a story that resonates with users and encourages them to take action.
        Video & Content

        Ultimately, your website is the ideal place to showcase the power of video and deliver engaging content to your audience. Ensure your website strategy accounts for a way to find quickly and host videos and publish new content. Videos can be incredibly effective when connecting with your target audience, and having videos on your website can significantly boost your overall marketing success.

        As mentioned, video is an absolute must-have to achieve successful marketing results. It would help if you had a specific strategy for the types of videos you create and which pages they will live on. This includes educational videos, employee bio videos, product/service page videos, landing page videos, cost videos, social proof/testimonial videos and “claims we make” videos. Each type of video should be included in your digital strategy and featured on your website. They are essential for connecting with your target audience, and having them on your website can make a massive difference to your overall marketing success.
        Self-selection Tools

        Your website should be the best salesperson you have. Your website can be your most effective salesperson. By implementing self-selection tools and buyer-type pages, you can provide your users with a "seller-less" experience that allows them to make an informed decision about their product or service at their own pace. Doing this will free up your sales team to focus on the leads needing their attention and generate more leads. By introducing self-selection tools and buyer-type pages, you can give your customers the freedom to explore their options and make informed decisions without pressure. This approach allows you to focus your sales team on the leads requiring more attention and generate more leads.

        Self-selection tools can range from pricing calculators to build/design and customer onboarding tools. These interactive features customize the website experience for the user, guiding them to the product or service that best suits their needs. Even if you don't have the resources for a comprehensive tool, you can start with something simpler, such as a dropdown for the user to choose their persona. This way, users can click the category that best describes them and get directed to a page with the relevant information.
        Setup & Launch Plan

        A well-thought-out technical setup and launch plan are essential to ensure a successful website. Taking the time to understand the technical requirements and plan out the launch can make all the difference in the success of your website. The first step is to identify the functionality needed to support your website strategy, followed by determining the best platform to support it and planning the launch. With the proper planning, your website launch will be a success.

        It is essential to have a well-planned technical setup and launch plan for your website to succeed. The first step is identifying the necessary functionality to support your website strategy. This may include integrations between tools, support for e-commerce, interactive functionality, forms and contact collection, subscription and email follow-up, video hosting platforms and tools, and database functionality. After these needs are identified, it is essential to determine the best platform to manage your website for all these elements. Finally, it would help if you planned out the launch of your website. This includes creating a checklist of the basics needed for every website launch. With the correct planning, your website launch will be successful.

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